"Poor is the nation having no heroes... ...Shameful is the one having them that forgets."

This website is for you to tell your friend or family member's story and it is here at no charge.

It has a genealogy component to help folks interested in tracking their family members.

After a Veteran is added to the site, I get an email telling me that here is an opportunity to dig a little deeper.

At that point, I go in and research further for you and your family to find documents, pictures and a little bit of the stories of your Veterans life.

My dream is that a child somewhere will come to the site and enter one of their family's names and bump into a family hero.

Leading a person to learn the honor of how an ancestor lived, sacrificed and served will help plant the seeds of patriotism into their hearts.

Their life could be enhanced in the knowledge that they witness the service end sacrifices made for all Americans and motivate them to make better small decisions in their own lives.

Small decisions add up to become better and bigger decisions and in time, these young and old have a better, more honorable life themselves.

Please take the time to honor your Veteran here and then tell your family and friends about how you honored a Veteran.

The expression is that "All gave some, Some gave all" and there and the lives and stories need to be preserved and honored for your children and their children’s children.

Alan Teelander


Most of these Veterans have no one left to look after their graves.

Before the Civil War, Americans referred to our country as "The United States Are" and after the Civil War, Americans referred to our country as "The United States Is."

This difference defines the point when we truly became a United States of America.

This difference is that after the Civil War, with over 700,000 deaths, untold numbers of widows and children left behind and the death of a great President, we became a country.

It is good to know and understand this as even today, we are still early in the long process of defining ourselves as a United People in a United Nation of States that forms and holds together our union.

In this regard, we are continuing the battles for freedom from when Father Abraham made the call for troops to preserve the Union after Sumpter received the first shots of the Civil War.

It is our duty to honor the service and sacrifice of those who gave full measure of service to our country and to continue to honor a country of patriots who fought before us and who on this day still march into battles in the ongoing fight for freedoms.

This website is here to offer you a chance to watch over and honor the memory of a Veteran by taking a picture of a headstone, researching their lives and telling their story.

You place as many Veteran stories and images as you can on this site and the Veteran's life will be remembered for their service and sacrifices for our country.

You can have a copy of any image on this website by "right-clicking" on the image and saving the picture to your computer.

I need your help with this mission if you would like to join me in this effort....

You can have a link from a page created by you to your website if you desire by using the code below: [your website name](yourwebsitelink) or [imagesofmichigan](

We, as a nation are quickly becoming a divided nation.

Our Grandfathers, Grandmothers, Aunts and Uncles sacrificed more than we will ever know.

It doesn't matter the race or gender as all fought side-by-side and contributed to the freedoms we share today.

I originally created this website and the first page placed on it as I wanted to be a witness to the life of Donnie Davidson as I knew him.

As FadedFootsteps has grown, I have had a front-row seat to the lives lost and the pain of spouses, children, mothers and fathers as they have lost their children and spouses to wars throughout our short national history.

My own family has suffered the loss of lives as well as the original family farm in Barry County, Michigan due to the Civil War and the wars that followed. Take a look at the site and consider the cost of your freedoms.

If you are a veteran and want to tell your story and preserve it here, we would be honored to have you place it onto this site.

Faded Footsteps is just a simple and free tool provided for you to be helpful in preserving the memory of your Veteran and to be a help in your genealogy searches.

You can claim a Veteran as a family member or friend with your Google+ account number.

Simply enter your account number when you claim an ancestor and the site does the rest.

This identifies you with the Veteran's page and also helps with genealogy as you connect as a family member of the Veteran you connect to.

Please take the time to watch this short video on how to say "Thank you to a Veteran."

I have hundreds of thousands of images and GPS locations from all over Michigan and the country that I have taken over the past seven years.

I would like to thank "Donnell" at the New Albany National Cemetery in southern Indiana for his kindness and help during my recent trip to that beautifully cared-for cemetery.

Donnell is a US Marine who served in Vietnam and is one of the most generous and kind people in the world.

If you would like help in the search for a Veteran, let me know your needs by contacting me either by phone (below) or via this website "Contact Us" link and I will help you all I can in your search for your ancestor.

I worked as a Graves Registration Officer for the "Sons of the Union Veterans" and could join "The Sons of the Revolution" because of Grandfathers who served in the Revolutionary War.

My Gr-Grandfather Swift Woodworth was the first Revolutionary War Veteran to die and be buried in Michigan.

His Grand-father-in-law was Job Swift from Sharon Massachusetts who is another grandfather of mine. Job Swift was a delegate to the 1774 Continental Congress and a 64 year old Revolutionary War Veteran himself.


His grandson, John Nelson Woodworth, my 3rd great grandfather served in the 12th Michigan Infantry. Another grandson of his died at Cold Harbor.

If you ask, I will gladly help you by using my connections and resources to find answers to your questions and searches for ancestors.

I believe it is very likely that you have a Civil War Veteran (and veterans from many other wars) as an ancestor and I ask you to please consider the impact and pride in finding a Civil War Soldier in your family.

The Ancestry link to the left offers a free 14 day subscription and that should be all the time you need to find information on your Veteran.

Your local library should have a free Ancestry account that you can use to search your family anytime you visit.

Clark Days of Muir, Michigan and a Civil War Veteran, lived for over 44 years with a bullet in one of his lungs.

Everything is free to use on this website, we are however, very protective of the content on the website.

If you want to register to use the site and be accepted, please send an email using the "Contact Us" form to explain your motivation toward using the site.

If you do not send the email, you will be rejected - 99% of all submissions for an account are rejected.

We are receiving a lot of spambot activity and guard our membership, but you are welcome to sign-up and offer your help in building the information that is so important to honoring and preserving the lives and memories of our Veterans.


Faded Footsteps is here to honor American Veterans from all wars and conflicts who served and made our country the great country it is.

The home page will offer random rotating images and pages, you can also search for last names and locations.

Please visit our friends at: USA Welcome Home Troops I built Faded Footsteps in 2006 because a USMC friend of the family was killed on his way to Vietnam in 1965.

Donnie Davidson was 19, and 7 years older than I when his plane crashed into a mountain side at take-off near El Toro Air Base in California.

The crash is well documented but Donnie's name is not among the roster of those who died in the crash.

I thought this was wrong and my memories of Donnie and his family were important to the extent that I wanted him to be remembered.

This is why the site is here.

You can add your own veteran at no charge and to see the capabilities of the site, visit the Bernard Teelander page to hear an audio file of him telling a joke.

It is a treasure to me as this Veteran was my Father and I get to hear his voice whenever I want to.

My Dad's friends and family come to his page often.

You can do the same for your Veteran if you would like.

The goal is to remember every veteran who served, with one page dedicated to each Veteran and include spouses where possible as they too made a great sacrifice in supporting their beloved Veteran.

You can use the Genealogy component to track your family history and the Geocache to treasure hunt and learn about our great Veterans.

I was never told about the 5 Civil War Great-Great Grandfathers I have in my family.

I was never told about the Great-Grandmother who lost her husband and a month later, her 18 year old son to the Civil War and in big part due to these losses - She lost the family farm and is buried in an unmarked grave in Riverside Cemetery in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

I was never told about the Uncles who walked into the concentration camps at the end of WW2 or another Uncle who went down in a submarine in WW2.

I have a 2nd Great-Uncle (8th Michigan Infantry) who is buried in a mass grave with over 350 other Union Soldiers near Fort Lamar in South Carolina.

They have never found the grave-site but know it is in the area where the Battle of Secessionville was fought.

Another uncle died from a gunshot wound to the stomach 12 days after being shot at Cold Harbor.

We need to know our ancestry and that is why we have the genealogy component.

We have special Dog-Tags located at select Geocache locations and you may use the Geocache rule of taking something, leaving something and making a note in the log books.

The locations will be near Medal of Honor, Silver and Bronze Star, Silver Star and Purple Heart recipients.

I will try to keep a Dog Tag near my Father's grave at Fort Custer.

Our hope is that you will enjoy the Geocache component and learn to appreciate our Veterans as you proudly wear these beautiful, rare and custom produced Dog Tags.

Please feel free to place more Geocache locations and use our system to help others to explore and honor our Veterans and our history.

In placing a thousands of pages so far, I have learned so very much and have come to appreciate these brave soldiers who fought and died defending our freedom.

Our Veterans need to be thanked every day and remembering them on this website is our way of saying "Thank You, and I love you for all you sacrificed for me".

With this website, you will always be remembered.

I need your help to preserve the memory of every veteran who ever served our country by publishing a page in their honor.

As this website is dedicated to the memory of our American Veterans.

In no way will we allow the integrity of the honoring of those who served to be compromised by spam or inappropriate content and users.

If you want to register to use the site and be accepted - register and then send an email using the "Contact Us" form to explain your motivation toward using the site.

We reject all registration attempts that do not contact us when registering.

Feel free to call me ant time at my personal cell phone - 616-634-3296. Alan Teelander