"The Army has a saying - The Greatest Causality is to be Forgotten." 

I started building FadedFootsteps in 2004 and you are viewing the 4th version of the website as it has grown and improved over time. 

Becoming a member of this site is free, but we don't allow just anyone to receive an account.

When a person signs up, we review the information and often contact the person requesting an account.

99% of all applicants are rejected so the best way to get an account is to submit a "letter of intent" via the contact us page when submitting your application to receive an account. 

A seed to start this site was planted in my mind as I started searching for Donnie Davidson who was a US Marine and son of my Dad’s co-worker from Cadillac, Michigan.

Donnie died on his way to Vietnam in an airplane crash in California along with 72 Marines and 12 Air Force personnel.

I was dismayed at finding absolutely no information about Donnie on the web, the Vietnam Memorial or newspaper articles from the time and scene of the crash.

It was like he never existed and I wanted to find a way to preserve Donnie's place as a young man who touched my life and a US Marine who gave his life as he served our beloved country.

As I searched for Donnie and thought of the reasons and ways of remembering his life and service, I thought of my own father who had been diagnosed with cancer and of his service in the US Air Force during the Korean War.

I lost my father around the same time FadedFootsteps was launched and his page is on this site along with his voice telling a joke which he loved to do.

I travel around the country taking pictures and doing research to discover the lives of the honored men and women who served our country.

If you visit the Michigan Genealogy website, you can read about my ancestor's journey's and losses and see images of my Michigan family.

I have no illusions that this project is far bigger than I am and I know that I need the help of many other “like thinking” Americans who want to honor their friends and loved ones by building a free page on this site for them.

On the Maps-Page, you will see pins all over a Google Map system and even a pin in England.

The site allows GPS placements anywhere in the world.

You can "Claim" any veteran listed on this site as a relative by using your GOOGLE+ account number.

This website is a living entity that lives and breaths the images and stories of our heroes.

My family lost several members in the US Civil War and I always hungered to touch and feel the events they felt.

One example is the Rebel Yell and the Smithsonian has uploaded a video onto YouTube that shows how it actually sounded.

Click here to see actual Rebel Veterans demonstrating the "Rebel Yell".

It is a living entity and witness to the lives of those who lived, served, sacrificed and died to preserve the freedoms our country stands for.

There are far too many cemeteries and stories for one person to find, research and submit and I appreciate the help of all who have created an account and built pages to honor their veterans’ and loved ones.

This website is for them and about them to honor their names and the memory of those who served.

Late Pro golfer, TV Golf analyst and Korean War Veteran, Ken Venturi said;

“The greatest honor in life is to be remembered.”

That is all this site wants to do.

My thoughts about this website come from a headstone I found in a Northern Michigan cemetery that said:

"That best part of a good person's life, the little unremembered acts of love and kindness."

If you have any questions or need help, feel free to email me via the Contact Alan link above or call me at 616-634-3296.

With Sincere and Warmest regards,

Alan L Teelander

Lowell, Michigan